Bon Voyage Chelsea, enjoy the punch!

Today, like a parent sending their child off to overnight camp for the first time, I took Chelsea to the train and saw her off to attend CZT seminar #7.  For those who don't already know, CZT stands for Certified Zentangle Teacher.  I was fortunate to attend CZT Seminar #5 in Whitinsville, MA last February. What an amazing experience.  For three days, I was surrounded by a group of talented and passionate tanglers from all over the world.  After a brief phone conversation where I relayed to Chelsea all of the fabulous things I had experienced, she remarked, "well, I guess you drank the punch".  And she was right, I had drank the punch. So now, Chelsea has probably arrived in Providence. Hopefully soon she will drink the punch too.

Before leaving, Chelsea shared this gorgeous tile she created: