The Journey to Becoming a CZT

When Lauren decided to go to Massachusettes to learn this thing called “Zentangle” I was honestly skeptical. She asked if I wanted to go too, but I turned her down. When she returned from her seminar I thought she had joined some ridiculous cult, like she had drank the juice! She was ranting about how wonderful this is and what a gift she had been given. Of course, then I was intrigued.

Lauren introduced me to Zentangle immediately after she returned. Her enthusiasm for it was so compelling that I couldn’t resist. I felt like I inhaled some of the fumes from the juice she drank! I signed up for the next available CZT training!

So now that I have completed my CZT training, I wanted to share some of my experience from Providence, RI!

First, Rick, Maria and their entire crew were incredibly kind, incredibly talented and incredibly generous in sharing this gift of Zentangle. They were welcoming and honest. They shared their stories. They shared their gift and I am so grateful for being a part of it all.

The last three days were jam-packed with information, inspiration and tangle-ation! I learned new tangles, and I discovered inspiration for tangles I have learned in the past. I was given the training to properly pass this gift on to others while maintaining the beauty and integrity of Zentanlge. The seminar inspired ideas I never would have dreamt previously.  I met lots of wonderful people and was blessed with the gift of viewing and sharing their artwork. I have a whole new admiration for Zentangle and I am bursting with enthusiasm!

I am now returning home as a Certified Zentangle Teacher! I am proud of the training I have completed and I can’t wait to share Zentangle with the world!

Here are some photos from my journey:
This is a mosaic of everyone's first Zentangle tiles 

 Here is Rick Roberts, one of the founders of Zentangle

 This is one of my Zentangle tiles, with a new tangle called Punzel!

This is a collaborative Zentangle that everyone contributed to. Each person added one tangle and it was raffled off to one lucky winner (sadly, not me).

Another tile I created at the seminar

Best wishes,