Come tangle with us


Welcome to Tangled in the Beltway

From the White House to the Kennedy Center, Capitol Hill, the monuments, the mall and all of the Smithsonian Institution, most people know Washington, DC as a great place to visit.  Those of us who live and work here know a different story. Living in our nation's capitol can cause it's fair share of headaches. Our jobs are fast-paced and high stress and too frequently our drive to succeed professionally means sacrificing our personal well being. Couple that with the recent study that showed no one spends as much time sitting in traffic as we do and it seems clear that we need a chance to shift focus and perspective. 

This is why we have gravitated so strongly toward Zentangle. It provides a creative outlet and a centering and calming experience, which eases the stresses of our daily grind. Working with this set of repetitive patterns restores in us a sense of balance and freedom similar to the benefit of meditation.
Learning to create a piece of art without the concern of having to look "perfect"is an extraordinarily gratifying feeling and we are excited to get to extend this art form to those of you in our area.

Lauren & Chelsea